Posted by: themostbrianever | January 15, 2009

Life is interestingly fulfilling.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything here.  That was kind of intentional, I suppose.. just trying to avoid the political clusterfudge that inevitably takes hold every 4th year around November.

Well, here are a few highlights since we last spoke:

1) Jodi and Mike are married!  Yay!

2) Hannah got a job as a therapist at Lifeline here in Indiana.. we’re both very thankful for that development.

3) Our friends LL and Foxy have unexpectedly found themselves happy potential-relationship situations.

4) Hannah and I had our engagement photos taken in Columbus by Jess Heath! For a few previews, check HERE.

5) Hannah and I have entered pre-marital counseling with Kondo Simfukwe, an associate pastor at Christ Covenant Church.. Truly an incredible man.

6) We have become obsessed with “The Settlers of Catan” and the “Ticket to Ride” franchise.

Good times for sure.

Life has been not only interesting, but very fulfilling. A couple of weeks ago a group of us saw Slumdog Millionaire in Fort Wayne and left feeling a pull toward India.

I’m not sure exactly what that means.. but we (Hannah & I, Jodi & Mike, LL, Foxy) have been praying for practical steps we can take to love India.. to make a difference in some way. In that vein, we have sponsored a couple of kids from India through World Vision: Mahendar and Rathan. We’re very excited to see what God teaches us through this experience.. Pray for open doors through which we will be bold enough to walk.

Though I certainly miss Columbus and many aspects of city-life, I have found my time here in Warsaw to be fulfilling and refreshing in so many ways. The pace of life is just different here.. and while I thought I would resent that, I have found myself enjoying it quite a bit. Could I see myself here for years and years? Nope. But it does feel like an extended vacation where I can be refreshed and revived before heading off to the next adventure.

It has been a season of good friendships too.. while I feel disconnected from many dear friends in Columbus, I have found a small community of kind and loving individuals with whom I have much commonality.

Unquestionably it has been a season of blessing in all the expected ways (engagement) and many more UNexpected ways.



  1. hi, brian!
    i love india with all of my heart. you should check out the organization freedom firm. ( it was founded by greg and mala, who i worked with when i volunteered with the international justice mission in mumbai a number of years ago. they work on bringing girls out of forced prostitution and into Christ. do i understand from your post that hannah is a therapist? that is part of what they do.

    amy fox

  2. The pics are wonderful!! You are 2 are going to have AMAZINGLY beautiful children…consequently…we will have adorbale grandbabies to love and kiss and hug! 🙂
    Love you both very much!!!!!

  3. Way to blog, buddy.

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