Posted by: themostbrianever | January 21, 2008

Facebook users have well-reasoned opinions.

Facebook is hosting a series of political forums where users are asked [sarcasm] nuanced policy questions [/sarcasm] such as this: “Which of these Democratic candidates do you most want NOT to be president?”..

William McCormick of Bucknell offers this insightful answer:

I would never vote for any of them, since Democrat = Liberal = Socialist = downfall of society. However, Obama is the worst of all of them, the most far left and the worst representative of this country as a minority on three counts: race, religion, and political [sic], a truly unfair representation.

I feel like breaking this response down piece by piece until nothing is left of Mr. McCormick’s dignity.. but instead, I’m just going to let it stand as is; content to know that its ridiculousness speaks for itself.


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