Posted by: themostbrianever | January 17, 2008

China’s Impoverished Masses.

Remember my post a couple of days ago about China and our economy?

Kudos to my friend Owen for finding a fantastic article in the January 13th edition of the New York Times that shows the human side of this equation..

Here is an excerpt:

Here in Henan’s rural Gushi County, only 73,000 of 1.4 million farmers fall below the official poverty level of $94 a year, which is supposed to be enough to cover basic needs, including maintaining a daily diet of 2,000 calories. “We should bear in mind that this poverty standard is very low,” Mr. Wang said, echoing the view of many Chinese economists.

Many more people in this part of Henan subsist between the official poverty line and the $1 a day standard long used by the World Bank. The World Bank’s estimate of the number of poor people in China was tripled to 300 million from 100 million last month, after a new survey of prices altered the picture of what a dollar can buy. The new standard was set according to what economists call purchasing power parity. By the new calculations, estimates of the overall size of the Chinese economy also shrank by 40 percent.

There are different types of poverty that exist on a span between ‘struggling to make ends meet’ and ‘abject’.. We don’t get to see the abject side of things too much in this country.

(loss for words)


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